Dunham Grants

The Dunham Fund provides grants to measurably and permanently impact the Dunham Fund service area through startup support of new or uniquely enhanced educational and community development programs and capital projects.

Grants are ordinarily made for one year only and are currently limited to $1 million annually. The Dunham Fund supports two grant cycles annually with online submission deadlines of February 1st (Cycle 1) and July 1st (Cycle 2).

Online Grant Process

Organizations seeking Dunham Fund support must complete an online grant application. Please review the Grant Application Guidelines prior to applying online.

Proposed programs and projects should address a documented need and be innovative, collaborative, and potentially self-sustaining. They should be purposefully designed to effect positive change through close alignment with the missions of the grant seeking organization and the Dunham Fund. Those grant proposals that closely adhere to these grant making goals and to the grant guidelines and application procedures are most likely to be considered for and receive funding.

Preference is given to grant applicant organizations located in the Dunham Fund's service area. Grant applicants outside the service area may also be considered if the project can demonstrate significant impact within the Dunham Fund's service area. On occasion, the Dunham Fund proactively approaches and funds organizations to develop particularly innovative, collaborative, and "cutting edge" programs to address critical needs in its service area.

The Dunham Fund encourages the participation of others in funding projects, and on occasion provides matching funds and challenge grants in an attempt to stimulate increased response from other sources. We hope that online entry will facilitate grant application. We look forward to reviewing your application for grant funding.


Water Street Studios photo by Christine Willett, Resident Artist, Water Street Studios