The Dunham Fund provided $100,000 of funding to the crowd funder, to help local public school teachers obtain materials and supplies for classroom projects not covered by their school district’s budget. Local teachers post their projects on the website soliciting up to 50% of the cost with the Dunham Fund dollars providing the balance. The Dunham Fund’s $100,000 resulted in $57,000 in community funding.


Classroom projects covered:

  • 42 public schools representing every district in our service area
  • 108 teachers requested support for their students
  • 19,370 students were impacted

Students throughout the Dunham Fund service area benefited from the teacher’s initiatives as shown:

Without innovative funding, the music teacher at Krug Elementary (East Aurora School District) was challenged to effectively teach due to the lack of a piano. After posting her need, the class is able to learn more easily with the necessary tools.

Student impact is illustrated by teacher lead initiatives:

The Dunham Fund is proud to support our local public school teachers by providing financial assistance for the tools they feel would benefit student learning.