A+ Foundation for West Aurora Schools – My Genius Now


The “My Genius Now” program provides valuable after-school education opportunities for students. From remedial reading and writing, students can gain experiences in music (vocal and instrumental), culinary, dance, karate, creative writings, law enforcement and various arenas of art. Community members help tutor students and “pull back the curtain” to provide hands-on learning of various professions such as electrician, plumber, carpenter and mechanic.

The plan used students’ test scores from spring of 2017 for the pretest to place candidates in their respective fields of interest. During the school year, daily reading and writing scores will be monitored by a computer program that offers feedback on ways to improve. When the post-test is given in May of 2018, it’s expected the most successful students will see an average increase of 30-40% in reading skills. This high rate of success is expected in more than 50% of the students in the program.