Aurora Area African American Men of Unity


Aurora Area African American Men of Unity (AAMOU)’s FIRE program provides mentoring to at-risk Aurora high schoolers to help them achieve their full potential. Through group and one-on-one mentoring, this program provides students with strategies, coping techniques, and tools to help them make decisions that lead to lifelong success. FIRE’s innovative behavior intervention program takes students who have been suspended, expelled, arrested, or have gang affiliation and provides positive intentional mentoring.

The Dunham Fund is proud to partner with AAMOU to support the FIRE program. This grant, which will be paid out over two years, allows FIRE to reach 100 at-risk area students through intensive mentoring that includes life coaching, tutoring, counseling, behavior management, job and career counseling, pre-apprenticeship sessions, paid internship opportunities, and skill development. The skills learned at FIRE can transform lives and help at risk area students become self sufficient, find careers, continue education, and make a living wage. This grant will be paid equally over two years in 2018 and 2019.