Batavia Artists Association / Water Street Studios



The Dunham Fund is proud to continue support of Batavia Artists Association at Water Street Studios.The $245,000 grant for Artistic Advancement Program, Ripple Effect, and Dunham Fund Mural will be paid out in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The various programs make local arts education and hands-on art experiences accessible to children and families in the Fox Valley community. Batavia Artists Association is serving the community through several programs that bring art to the community in hands-on, accessible ways. Including:

Artistic Advancement Program

This program provides artistically-inclined students in under-resourced areas with the opportunity to take a bus to Water Street Studios for an arts-based field trip every month. By partnering with The Dunham Fund and others in the local community, Batavia Artists Association hopes to reach almost 600 students in 8 schools over the next three years through the Artistic Advancement Program.

Ripple Effect

Batavia Artists Association’s Ripple Effect provides locat students grades 3 through 5 with a weekly after-school art class that integrates art with STEM learning. Dunham Fund’s support will help Ripple Effect serve almost 1000 students throughout 10 locations in the Fox Valley area.

Dunham Fund Mural

Building on the strategic partnership between the two organizations, Water Street Studios will design and install a mural for the Dunham Fund offices. The mural will be created by community artists and will commemorate the legacy of John C. Dunham and the Dunham Fund Service Area through layered images of Mr. Dunham’s company, Equipto, images representing the service area, notable programs and projects funded by the Dunham Fund. This commissioned work helps promote local artists by making their art visible to a larger audience and giving them an opportunity to build their portfolio and marketing opportunities.

The Dunham Fund will provide a grant of $20,000 to commission local artists to create and install the mural in the Dunham Fund office.