Batavia Artists Association / Water Street Studios


Batavia Artists Association at Water Street Studios is continuing to enhance their public elementary school arts program that focuses on STEAM-based arts in an after-school setting.

Operation Support Initiative / $30,000

With a Dunham Fund grant of $30,000 for its Operation Support initiative, Water Street Studios will partner with West Aurora School District 129’s Nicholson Elementary School to provide STEAM-based art programs for the underserved student population of Aurora.

Water Street Studios is committed to making the creative arts accessible to the Fox Valley community. As a vibrant organization dedicated to the creation and appreciation of the arts, Water Street supports a core community of local artists, patrons and students.

Over the last year, Water Street Studios provided 1,852 free art sessions through its eight free community outreach opportunities. Providing subsidized artist studios for emerging and professional artists creates a collaborative environment and promotes a “sense of place” among residents and the community.

Artist Interaction Series / $5,000

Water Street Studios will use its grant from The Dunham Fund to open new worlds for young students by giving them greater awareness and appreciation for the arts. From November through April, Water Street Studios will provide transportation for West Aurora Elementary School students. This program will introduce hundreds of 5th grade students to numerous art forms beyond their opportunities in the classroom.