Communities in Schools


Communities in Schools (CIS) has received a $363,000 grant to be paid in equal amounts in 2018 and 2019 to support the expansion of the CIS Daytime Services.

This program will target 500 students who attend Aurora schools from Aurora, North Aurora, Montgomery and Sugar Grove. These students are referred to CIS for the Daytime program because their academic, social and emotional needs are more severe than the mainstream population and they are most at risk of dropping out of school.

This program is an innovative model designed for middle and high school students.The services they receive will help them advance to the next grade level and ensure high school graduation. The goal is to prevent students from dropping out of school by providing academic, social work and family support.

In total CIS provides needed services to more than 6,500 students plus their families.

Dunham Fund applauds CIS’s commitment to help students succeed in the greater Aurora area.