Friends of Aurora's After-School Reading Mentor Program


($80,000 in 2011; $75,000 in 2012) This Dunham Fund grant will expand and enhance the Communities In Schools administered Friends of Aurora's After-School Reading Mentor Program which currently provides reading instruction by trained high school and college mentors to over 250 elementary school children with little or no knowledge of the English language for 25 weeks after school during the school year and 6 weeks during the summer. These mentors live in the same neighborhoods as the children they instruct and utilize specialized reading materials and offer take-home books during extended hours in area school libraries. This program is in partnership with East and West Aurora School Districts to help bring children in second grade, to grade level in reading before they enter the third grade. The program has plans to expand to other sites and will also provide scholarship support for new and seasoned reading mentors in the Peer to Peer Mentoring Program.