VNA Health Care


The Dunham Fund is proud to continue its partnership with VNA Health Care, who provide care and medical services to those who need it most. VNA is the largest primary care provider for people in need in the Dunham Fund service area, serving more than 30,000 low income adults and children in Aurora alone, approximately 10,000 of these individuals have no insurance of any kind. When uninsured people receive less medical care and less timely care, they have worse health outcomes.

The Dunham Fund will partner with VNA Health Care to help them better serve the community through a multifaceted expansion project. The program will help improve VNA’s organizational capacity, more effectively securely transfer patient health information, and add a wellness demonstration kitchen to the Indian Avenue Health Center.

This grant of $250,000 will help update the infrastructure of VNA so that they can continue to provide top-quality healthcare to low income Aurora residents, thus easing the financial burden on those with limited resources.