Anderson Animal Shelter’s Pets-A-Palooza Pet Festival

In 2015, Anderson Animal Shelter expanded its public outreach with a new and festive event. Combining education and advocacy, Pets-a-Palooza is a celebration of pets and the important role they play in making for happy families. By bringing together the compassionate community of animal lovers, adopters and advocates, Pets-a-Palooza and its message truly resonate with people of all ages, as evidenced by the glowing testimonials and everyday examples of the joysanimal companions bring.

The event has grown each year, and its success has brightened the spotlight on pet adoptions. More than 3,000 people – and nearly as many furry friends – attend this event each year and learn how pets can improve the lives of people, and vice versa. Aided by a $20,000 Dunham Fund grant, Pets-a-Palooza reinforces the mission to enhance the human-animal bond, and to build empathy in children based on the belief that caring, compassionate children become caring, compassionate adults. Combined, these factors lead to greater adoption rates, and fewer homeless pets residing in animal shelters.

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Attendance has grown steadily in each year of the event, with more than 3,800 attendees in 2017. In that time, the network of foster families – those who provide a caring home environment for animals awaiting adoption – has grown to more than 600. Similarly, total adoptions have grown exponentially as well.

Due in large part to the enormous outreach and public awareness created by Pets-A-Palooza, Anderson Animal Shelter has achieved a 97% live release rate (adoptions/returns to owner/transfers), amounting to 5,300 pets successfully transitioning to permanent, loving homes in 2015 and 2016.

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The Dunham Fund is proud to provide financial assistance that is truly life-saving to our household animal friends, and gratified by the success of Anderson Animal Shelter and its marquee event – Pets-A-Palooza – that continues to make companionship between people and pets a happy reality for both.