What types of organizations does the Dunham Fund support?

The Fund accepts grant requests from 501(c)(3) organizations that are involved in education and community development programs — the building blocks that will, in founder John Dunham’s words, “make the world a more comfortable, safer place for mankind.”

The Fund also gives preference to organizations located within the broad Aurora, Illinois community, specifically within the territory bounded by Illinois State Route 38 on the north and U.S. Route 34 on the south; and by Illinois State Routes 59 on the east and 47 on the west.

What types of grants does the Dunham Fund prefer to give?

The Dunham Fund’s primary grant making goal is to measurably and permanently impact the Dunham Fund service area through start up support of new or uniquely enhanced educational and community development programs and capital projects that address a documented need and are innovative, collaborative and potentially self-sustaining, while being purposefully designed to effect positive change through close alignment with the missions of the grant seeking organization and the Dunham Fund.

Those grant proposals that closely adhere to this grant making goal are most likely to be considered for and receive funding. The terms and elements of the Dunham Fund grant making goal are more extensively defined in the Dunham Fund Online Grant Guidelines.

How large are your grants?

That depends, of course, on the amount and intent of the funds requested. Grants are ordinarily made for one year only and are generally limited to $1 million. The Dunham Fund encourages the participation of others in funding projects, and on occasion provides matching funds and challenge grants in an attempt to stimulate increased response from other sources. Click here to learn more about Dunham Fund grants.