Triple Threat Mentoring Urban Farm


$550,000 payable over three years

The goal of Triple Threat Mentoring’s Urban Farm is to Grow Food, Educate People and Empower the Community through healthy food production, educational programs for students and community involvement through CET (Community Education and Training). Triple Threat, in collaboration with the City of Aurora, will establish a model urban farm near downtown Aurora in an area identified by the USDA as a food desert, a large geographic area where a significant percentage of residents lack easy access to healthy foods. As part of its green initiatives, the City of Aurora will provide a city-owned property to Triple Threat for the farm’s build-out. The Dunham Fund has provided a $550,000 grant, payable over three years for the farm’s development and program implementation.

Food will be distributed to area homeless shelters and food pantries and cause-marketed to local restaurants, businesses and households that can afford to purchase locally grown organic food at competitive rates. A weekly on-site farm stand and the City of Aurora Farmer’s Market will provide other points of sale. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs will provide food and education to under-resourced families at minimal cost through monthly workshops that empower the community to grow their own food, cook nutritious low cost meals and live healthier lifestyles. The Urban Farm will educate and empower students year-round through partnership with local school districts and institutions of higher education for internships, agriculture, science and biology programs, farm tours and field experiences.