Dunham Fund Program Related Investments (PRI)

One Hope United/$125,000 Program Related Investment (PRI)
This Dunham Fund program related investment supports One Hope United, as fiscal agent of the Conscience Community Network (CCN), through the State of Illinois Pay For Success Catalyst Fund. This Dunham Fund grant will provide immediate assistance in covering a variety of start-up costs, program development, and the engagement of the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform. The State of Illinois has made the sole preliminary award to One Hope United and the CCN, a coalition of seven well established child welfare and juvenile justice providers, to create a coordinated set of proven community alternatives that divert DCFS-identified abused and neglected youth in the greatest danger of future delinquency and criminal behavior from high-cost institutional placements. CCN agencies include Lawrence Hall Youth Services, Youth Outreach Services, Maryville Academy, Omni Youth Services, UCAN and SGA Youth and Family Services. This project will serve approximately 800 of these “dually-involved” youth in communities of high-need only if their programs are successful in generating reductions in government spending by improving placement outcomes, reducing future delinquency and criminal behavior, and increasing successful transitions to adulthood for the dually-involved youth in their care.

Paramount Theatre In-House Broadway Series Productions/$350,000 original investment ($100,000 paid in both 2014 and 2015: $150,000 balance due)
In 2011, The Dunham Fund made a $350,000 interest-free program related investment in the Paramount Theatre to provide the start-up cost to improve the infrastructure and to purchase the capital equipment, sound and lighting technology necessary to upgrade the theatre to produce its own four-show, in-house Broadway Series for the 2011–2012 season and beyond. Purchase of the equipment versus rental will save the theatre more than $250,000 in rental expense in just a three-year period. This start-up cost is in addition to the approximately $2.6M the theatre must invest each season to produce the shows, including royalties, actor salaries, set construction, costuming, directing, and marketing.

In 2014 and 2015, the Paramount Theatre made a $100,000 payment each year on its $350,000 Program Related Investment by the Dunham Fund.

OnLight Aurora /$250,000 Program Related Investment (PRI)
OnLight Aurora, a City of Aurora owned municipal fiber network, brings a robust network to the Community’s Anchor Institutions. OnLight Aurora has been a nationally recognized model for municipal networks to replicate and a successful method to bring high speed broadband to the community. OnLight Aurora is currently working with the Aurora Public Library system, local businesses, area school districts and Pathways to Prosperity to challenge the usual Internet service providers by changing the market through connection of these partners to a more efficient and affordable municipal fiber network. Dunham Fund has supported this effort with a $250,000 Program Related Investment to provide funding for the connection of nonprofits within the City of Aurora. The no-interest loan is repayable at the rate of $75,000 at the end of both 2017 and 2018 and $100,000 at the end of 2019.

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