SPECIAL EDITION / Giving Tuesday

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Giving Tuesday a Blessing for Area Nonprofits

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday, has become a day to give to your favorite charity. #ILGive celebrates the valuable services provided by nonprofits across the state of Illinois and encourages individuals, clubs and corporations to support those efforts.

It is estimated that $9M will be raised once all donations are calculated. Here is how the campaign played out.

State of Illinois*

Money Raised: $8.1M

Number of Donors: 19,214

Nonprofits Participating: 850

* Donations are still being tallied.

Dunham Fund Service Area

Money Raised: $406,000

Number of Donors: 1,118

Nonprofits Participating: 32

To encourage nonprofits to share their mission with a broader audience and increase their donor base, the Dunham Fund offered a challenge grant opportunity to match $1-for-$1 up to $2,500 to the nonprofits with the most successful campaigns. These nonprofits in the defined service area registered to participate through the #ILGIVE.com website.

Congratulations to the following nonprofits with the top 10 most successful campaigns who will each receive $2,500 from the Dunham Fund!

Three Fires Council of Boy Scouts $129,784

Ranked #1 in "Most Funds Raised" statewide

Fox Valley United Way $76,162

Ranked #3 in "Most Funds Raised" statewide

Ranked #6 in "Most Donors Participating" statewide

Association for Individual Development $43,230

Ranked #4 in "Most Donors Participating" statewide

Ranked #8 in "Most Funds Raised" statewide

Hesed House $26,810

Mutual Ground $24,555

VNA Health Care $19,725

Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry $17,217

One Hope United $12,770

Paramount Arts Centre $8,660

Marklund $8,595

The Dunham Fund encourages nonprofits to explore unique and creative fundraising efforts and is proud to support the outstanding work of these organizations.